Thursday, 10 March 2011

Ebay Worn Panties Con

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in the past 6 weeks with the problems I've experienced due to the the conning scammers who ripped me off.  I think all used/worn panty girls and  buyers of worn/used panties, nylons, socks and other intimates should be aware of this  ....... two con artists decided they'd make money on ebay by selling some of my more exclusive intimate photos which they advertised via the worn panties they were selling on ebay. Anyone purchasing panties from the sellers will have been under the impression the girl in the photos was the seller because thats what she's led them to believe but in fact all the photos were of me, the ebay sellers boyfriend David has purchased hundreds of my photos via lesleyswornpanties over the past 8 months which he and his girlfriend Jacqueline have been reselling in sets with their worn panties via ebay and also in sets of 15-30 via email, without my permission.
Those of you who enjoy buying worn/used panties, tights, pantyhose, nightwear, shoes and other used intimates via ebay please be very cautious, you may want to avoid purchasing from the person who owns all 5 of the ebay user id's which I've listed for you below, I've applied links to enable you to go directly to the sellers accounts. I can confirm 100% that the seller of all these accounts is the same seller who has been imitating me for several months in order to make sales via ebay. If you're thinking of buying a pair of worn/used panties from ebay you may want to avoid this seller,  I think before you make a purchase from them you should ask yourself the following question, if the seller is using someone elses photos to sell her panties, is she also using someone else to wear the panties for her too? her boyfriend David perhaps.
The ebay worn panty seller uses the following ebay user names:
I have this sellers full name and postal address in Shorpshire so am thinking of naming and shaming her, I think it only fair that if she behaves like a thieving, lying,conning, scamming thief then she should be exposed so people are aware of what she truly is. I am a good decent person who works hard to provide my website visitors and buyers with a good quality honest service and I work a full time job to earn my living so I don't expect some lazy dole dosser to come along and steal what I've worked so hard for. If my readers could please let me know whether I'd be within my rights to name this fraudster I'd very much appreciate your thoughts on the matter.
If your reading my blog Jacqueline I will sue you for every penny you own if you ever distribute my photos again and thats a promise!!!

I would like to thank Panty Columnist/Digital Designer Serena and my dear friend / Gorgeous Panty Seller Foxxy for your help and the support you've given me, thankyou for being there for me.

A big thankyou to Peter for alerting me of what the ebay panty seller was up to and for your continued help and support throughout my investigations , thankyou Andy for all your help and support and for making me laugh, to BT for your continued help and support and for taking the time out to advise me, a big thankyou to my wonderful sweet friend Bryan for being so wonderful and always making me smile. Thankyou so much too to photographer Tim of TS Photography for your expert advice on photographic copyright laws, the information you gave me was fantastic.

I have now completed my investigations, the couple have been sent a cease and desist letter so for their own sake I hope they've now stopped using my photos. If any of my visitors have any information which suggests otherwise I would be most grateful to hear it. You can contact me at:

For my buyers who I informed of the burglary at my house on the 14th February you will be happy to hear I'm now back up and running and taking orders,  photo sets and making videos and am back to my happy self again.

If you'd like a pair of my panties with a set of genuine photos of me wearing them for you, please come and choose a pair from my fantasitc selection on my used panties page at LWP.
Here's a few photos for you, I hope you like them!
Luv and kisses
Lesley xoxoxo

My Hot Red Panties
My pink Zebra Panites have just been added to LWP

Friday, 14 January 2011

PVC & Wetlook Fetishwear Treats

I've added my new Fetishwear page to lesleyswornpanties so come along and take a look at whats on offer.
I've added lots of my sexy wetlook, lycra and pvc skirts, leggings, bra and panty sets and boots so if your a lover of skintight wetlook clothing and undies I'm sure you'll find something here to tickle yor tastebuds. I'll wear any item from my fetishwear page for a full day before I send it to you, smothered in my sweet scent. If you'd like a customs set of photos or a hot video of me wearing my fetishwear for you just add to your order and I'll send you my dirty little package straight to your door to enjoy.I've added a gallery too which I'll be updating reglarly for you.
I've joined Facebook this week too so please pay me a visit and like my page, I'll be adding regular photos and keeping you updated on what I'm up to and any new additions to LWP. I've also joined Twitter so I would love you to follow me on there too.You can access my profile pages by clicking on the links above until I work out how to add Facebook and Twitter logos to my blog.

PVC Hi Shine Set

Well thats all for now, I'll be back soon with more news.
Luv and kisses
Lesley xoxoxo

Sunday, 9 January 2011

My Well Loved Dirty Panties

I know its been a while since my last post, I've been exteremely busy and have also been  suffering with the dreaded flu since my last post. I'm back in tip top condition now so you can expect regualr posts again.
I've added several pairs of my well loved panties to my site so go and choose a pair from LWP and let me know which you'd like me to fill with my juices for you to feast on.

Hot Red Suspender Thong

I've also added a couple of pairs of my well used hold ups to my used nylons page, I've been wearing these to work a lot over Winter, they make me feel so sexy, my male colleagues love a flash of stocking tops too and I love to tease them, naughty I know but they need a bit of cheering up.
I've started to add One Off Special Offers on my Specials Page too, I won't be offering these again so if there's something you fancy I recommend you order it before someone else beats you to it.

Laddered Hold Ups

Thankyou to everyone for your help, support and custom in 2010, I wish you all 'A Very Happy 2011'
I look forward to wearing my panties for you soon!
Luv and kisses
Lesley xoxoxo

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Naughty Miss Santa Christmas Special Offer

I'm sorry its been so long since my last post, I've been a busy little bee but I'm back now with good news about my new additions to lesleyswornpanties.

I've added some very special treats on my new Christmas Special Offers page for you to enjoy over the festive season.

Special Offer 1 is for my panty lovers, my sexy red Chirstmas panties which come with a set of 30 very sexy photos and an extremely naughty video of me playing in my panties which you can have a little peek at by clicking here.

Naughty Miss Santa
Special Offer 2 is for one of my candy canes which I'll make extra tasty for you by covering it in my very own sticky pussy flavours, you can watch me prepare it too as this offer comes with a set of 30 very naughty photos and explicit video showing you how much I enjoy preparing your candy for you. I know you'll want to see a preview so click here for a little taster.

Special Offer 3 is a very special  treat especially for my wet pics lovers, 30 photos and a video of Naughty Miss Santa getting very wet whilst playing in the shower. You can find the preview if you click here.

Wet Miss Santa
I have a limited number of panties for special offer 1 so please ensure you get your order in asap to secure yours. I'd hate for you to miss out on feasting on me this Christmas.

I'd love to hear your comments on my Christmas Special Offers so feel free to leave one here for me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Luv and kisses
Lesley xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Half Price Used Clothing!

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I've been de-cluttering my house. I've got lots more of my clothing to add to my used clothing page on my website so have decided to reduce the price of all the existing clothes on there to half price. Take a look and if there's anything there which takes your fancy, add half price special to the comments and instructions box on my order form and I'll make sure you get your half price reduction.
Some of the clothes on there have been extremely well worn, I'll wear whatever you order and fill it with my personal fragrance one last time before I post it to you. I need new clothes for Winter so the proceeds from the sales will be going towards some new clothes for my Winter wardrobe, I think its going to be a cold one this year......I'm dreading it because as you know I HATE being cold, I may have to get myself a drawer full of thermal undies, I'll add them to the site when it warms up.......... you can place your orders now if you like so you don't miss out! Don't forget to order your sexy photos or video too! Lol.

My favourite jeans are now on special offer from my used clothing page on my site.

I've been feeling extra frisky this week, I think its a mix of doing twice as many fitness classes than I usually do and all the naughty emails you horny guys keep sending me so......get your orders in now for my extra juicy, super tasty worn panties!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Order My Sexy Panty Videos!

Great News for all my naughty used panty lovers, I've decided its time to give you the option of ordering a dvd/video and photos with whichever pair of my worn panties you order from lesleyswornpanties so go take a look which pair of my used panties you'd like me to wear for you and don't forget to order your video/dvd to view whilst you feast on me for an extra.

I'll be starting by using my imagination in coming up with a dvd I know you'll be delighted with so please don't be asking for custom videos just yet as they're not on offer.
I have one on the site on my video/dvds page for the great introductory offer of just £10 so if you want to see some sweet silky panty action, order yourself one today and I'll post it to you straight away.
I'm going to be adding more of my panty videos/dvds on a regular basis so keep checking my video/dvd page for my new steamy panty dvds.

I'll be back here later this week with news of my new fetish menu which I'll be adding to my site this week.  I've got some very tasty fetish treats for my panty lovers and my foot lovers coming very soon.

I'm going to add a video clip here for you this week too so keep your eyes peeled.
In the meantime, here's a pic of me in a pair of me in my sexy panties and kinky boots.
Luv and kisses
Do you like my sexy boots?
Lesley xoxoxo

Monday, 1 November 2010

My Sexy Shoes

I went back to work today, last week seemed to fly by, I had some well needed  fun days out, including bowling, rock climbing and go carting.  I also had a particularly enjoyable halloween making costumes for some of the kids at school then we all went out trick or treatin which was a real giggle.

I love to wear a gorgeous pair of platform or stiletto heels, they make me feel so feminine and sexy. After several requests to see more of my cute little feet in heels I thought I'd treat you to some photos of me wearing some of my hot heels from my wonderful collection. So here they are....I hope you like!

Bow Before Me!!!

I sell my well used shoes, stilettos, worn flip flops and trashed boots to name a few, on my website so if you'd like a pair of my shoes or any other foot treats smothered in the scent of my soft buttery soles and dinky little toes, take a look at my foot fetish page at if you don't see what your looking for email me and tell me what tasty foot flavoured treats you'd like, I'm sure I'll have something special just for you.

On Your Knees Slave!!!

Kiss My Feet!!
Luv and kisses
Goddess Lesley xoxoxo